Monday, April 29, 2013

Homework - The One You Feed

In a new section called the "homework" that is required for my feature film The One You Feed.

Along the way of writing the screenplay I have add many nick-knacks inspired by other films. Some parts are just lines of dialogue; others are entire scenes that have been inspired by these movies, and some are films where the visual style, sound track, or themes that are inspiring The One You Feed movie. 

First assignment in The One you Feed homework is Michael Mann’s 1981 film Thief

Thief follows Frank Hohimer, played by James Cann, a professional criminal thief with multiple fake front business operations.  Frank also works independently from any gangster organization. But a onetime gig, with a local Mob tie may have the pay out that Frank needs in order to retire and go legitimate with his new girlfriend/wife. If successful, Frank could continue his life free of any criminal association. 

Fans of Michael Mann’s will see the similarities in the character mentality, the “Don’t be attached to anything that you are not willing to walk out on in 60 flat if you spot the heat around the corner.” We also see Mann’s attention to detail and the authentic nature of his characters and films compared to typical Hollywood – crap.

The last third of this film is my favorite part, and it has a very profound influence on the ending for The One You Feed.

Last I checked, this film was available via Netflix instant stream.