Monday, April 15, 2013

Updates! Read All About It!

So, it has definitely been a while since I posted. Last I did the new short film by Jason White had premiered at the end of last month. If you have yet still to check out the video, then scroll down the previous post and please do. Also, give a shout out on your thoughts and comments. 

As I mentioned it has been a while since I posted, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been working.

Revising The One You Feed while flying into LA.
The past few weeks I have been working on a revision of the script. What started out as a simple glance over for spelling and gramar errors and possible different word choices turned into a complete overhaul of each page. 

Using my trusted blue pen I have been going page for page and scene for scene making sides notes, edits, and in some cases have re-written scenes as needed.

But wait? You never announced that you had a first draft? Okay, yes, this is true. That is because I never technically finished the first draft. I have been struggling with the center section of my story. The love story moment between our main protagonist, John, and his new flame interest, Eady. After spending, what I felt like was, too long stalling the on the story I decided that since I knew exactly where I wanted each of my character to eventually go that I would skip those scenes and write the rest of the film to the end. 

And so I did. I actually made it to the spot where I typed,  "The End." The only problem is, is that I don't really have a complete script because I skipped about 30 pages in the center. 

So, though I never finished or completed a first draft, I have done enough editing of the 71 pages that I have to make what I now call the Second Draft of the script. And it's almost done. Only seven more pages to edit. 

Laptop, Coffee, Pen Script. Good Morning
I did allow the one follower of this blog a chance to read the script as I currently have it. *See what the benefits are of following the blog?*  To be fair she is a trusted friend and family member. She came back with a good amount of notes, and it was nice to finally be able to speak with someone in full context the story line, plot details, and events as they unfold and then analyse them to see what works and what sucks. 

So, far we made out okay. Looks like most of it works. But of course that was only one opinion. 
My next objective is to finish the scenes that I never completed and have for the first time a complete draft of The One You Feed screenplay. 

This is my objective for the coming week. 

I do have a scene in place, and reviewed that I would like to film. A center piece to the story. A moment when Don, the older mentor, finds that John, our main hero, has intentions of finding and kiling his wife's murderers. Shooting this scene will give people a chance at a sneak peak of what we intend to do with the film, and hopefully will be something that we can take a show possible investors.

In the mean time, thanks for reading. Comments are welcome. And if you haven't already - be sure to "Like" our Facebook page. 


Ryan McDonald 

The title page to The One You Feed