Monday, January 14, 2013

In the Mood for Love . . . or Writing

You probably hear people say this all the time, hell you probably say it yourself all as well - "I have to be in the right mood." You hear this a lot especially from people when discussing going to the gym, or in a marriage or long term relationship the "mood" has to be just right for the parties to align. And it seems sometimes like you and your partner are never in the same mood at the same time.

Writing is very similar. It can hard to write something somber while listening to something upbeat, or write something upbeat while listening to something somber. And for me, I can never write scenes with dialogue while also listening to music with lyrics. As music can often change someones mood, I use it to get into the right mode, or mood, for writing certain scenes.

There are several songs and pieces of music that I have been using lately while writing The One You Feed, and I'll be posting them periodically. Here is one by Hanz Zimmer from the film Inception. I used it for my more somber moments.

Any other writers out there? What pieces of music do you use?