Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More Inspiring Moments - The Writing Process

The writing continues and we are nearing the 70 page mark. Assuming that I stopped now, and that there were three complete acts in place, this would be considered and done deal as a complete feature film screenplay. 

However, I have not reached the end yet. That doesn't mean, that shooting script won't be down to 70 pages after revision and fine tuning. But I gather that my original draft will finish out somewhere between 100-120 pages. 

In the mean time, I have spoken and shared several other pieces of art, film, and music that are inspiring scenes, moments and even concepts on of The One You Feed screenplay. I recently wrote a scene that in which our main character John encounters a bad guy in an alley way. All the while as I was writing the scene I kept thinking of one of my favorite moments from Michael Mann film Collateral

Here is a picture of me at the location in Los Angeles. 

In the scene Tom Cruise, a hit man, confronts a thug about the theft of his brief case. In this film, the scene is very quick and rather brief to the over all story arc of the film. And in the brief moment it shows the audience the skills and power of Cruises character and gives reason for Jamie Foxx to now follow Cruise's lead more closely as they continue through the night. 

Now, I didn't carbon copy the scene from this film to my screenplay. It does inspire the scene that I wrote for The One You Feed, but the scenario and outcome of the scene are completely different. 

Here is that moment. Enjoy.

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