Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Coming Soon! A New Short Film

Coming Soon! A tale about a gambling junkie and his bookie – directed by Jason White

We originally filmed this back in December of 2011, and now over a year later the short film is finally being released. So, why the long wait? Well, a couple things came into play. One fact is that we had a hot year in 2011. Jason and I together put out around six short films, and additionally film another four before the end of the year hit. We spent of a lot of days on set in 2011, and little did we know that we would spend even more days on set come 2012.

In 2012 I spent 32 days on set, outside of my full time job, and worked on 9 projects. All of that extra production time ate up a lot of pre-production time and thus, things get pushed.

We also had an audio issue the day that we filmed. So, we had to pull the actors back in have them redub a few lines. Plus, the color correcting and timing, and you add in the score – and again everyone has a full time job.

But finally the film is ready and has a release date. So, keep the eyes peeled and I’ll tune back in with the link to the new short by Jason White.