Thursday, March 21, 2013

Poster and Marketing Ideas

I have had this one my desk at work for a couple of weeks now. Hoping that I would come up with a few more ideas for a possible poster. Here is all that I have so far.

I'm not the best graphic artist of all time, but I tried here. My intention with the one on the right is that it would be the main character with a bloody and bruised face. The Right one would be something more like Taken and Carlito's Way - which I had posted a concept of in a previous posting.

The left side might look like something very similar to this image of Ryan Gosling from Only God Forgives.

My idea is to have some graphics and images to help promote the film, even though right now there is no finished script, nor a cast. The bar going across the face of the character would be black with white lettering, and it would cover the face of the person. That way we can make a poster now, and still cast whoever we need down the road.

In the screenplay, there is at least one scene where John (main character) is brutally assaulted by several gang members. What I wrote, and what I imagine later, is something close to the images that I am seeing coming from  Only God Forgives.

So, thoughts? Comments? Seriously, we're looking for ideas. Or if you think you could come up with some great stuff and would love to join, than we'd love to have you. We'll be looking for someone who is majoring in marketing to help us out. Images and promotional concepts. Stuff that they may need for their portfolio.

Let us know!