Thursday, October 25, 2012

March 2011 - Now

Looking over the outline for the script today when I noticed the footnote sitting at the bottom of the page (see above). Typically for scripts, storyboards, or just about anything that I create I like to add the date on there. I have a fixation for nostalgia, and I like to sit and think about things, the time in my life, what I was doing, etc.

But then it hit me  . . . 2011. I wrote this outline March of 2011 and it's now October of 2012. That's almost two years ago (18 months actually). And though one could say, "Hey well, good for you for sticking with it and not giving up on the dream." But at the same time 18 months was a long time ago, and at the time I was very enthusiastic about the project The One You Feed.

So, what happened? Well . . . . 

We got a little sidetracked. In the mean time my short film career really started picking up, and in that time I've been apart of twenty film projects, most of them short films and a few feature films that I helped out with. Seven of which I directed, and many other that I produced. Along with my brother-from-another-mother, Jason White we helped established a local film group call the New Ogden Cinema, a local cinema group in the area that makes it possible to collaborate with filmmakers.

Anyways, well we've been busy and now it's two years late and I'm finally putting the pen to the page. But I'm more experienced now and I have made a lot of new connections, and many more new friends. Two years ago, making this film would have been impossible. Now, I feel like even if this move does not find a wealthy produce that this film could still be made locally and that we would have a great project.

I need to finish the script first. I can not say that I'm almost done, I wish I could though. Let's just say that I'm far enough away from the title page to claim that I've started. But not far enough away to start celebrating, or even start thinking about casting.

For more information on the my other films and to keep up with me outside of The One You Feed go HERE!

In the mean time, well I'll keep you updated.