Tuesday, October 16, 2012



This website will be for the feature film The One You Feed. As this is both my first feature, and also very low budget, this blog will be here to help document all the trials, errors, and success that I run along while working on achieving a goal and dream of mine.

My hope in the near future is to have the screenplay completed and a second draft to follow shortly after. Would the screenplay sell? Well, I would hope so. I think that I will attempt to shop a finished product around, maybe with me attached as director. For the right price, maybe not. 

Anyways, this is the beginning of the next journey for me as largely I plan to put short films on hold, if not on hold indefinitely. I have made over 16 shorts at this point, and several videos. I have helped other independent directors work on their first feature films, and many with less experience at film making than I. Now, is my chance to make a film or at least finish a feature screenplay and see if it sells.
*A Note: I have yet to blog about the two most recent films that I have directed and shot, but have not been released. As well as the short film American Discord, which I worked on, but did not direct. 
If completed this would be the first feature screenplay that I actually complete, which gives you a good sense that I have started many, just never have finished any before. 
My plan is to create a blog for the film, gain followers along the way as I post updates on the screenplay, the characters, and as we move the film into the production hopefully also gain more and more follows so that when the film is released we have somewhat of a following. Well, at least there is you and me at this point. 
Ryan McDonald