Thursday, October 18, 2012

So, what is this film about anyways?

So, what is this film about anyways?

Well . . . . the film follows John, a man who's wife was murdered before his eyes. Left for dead, John now has two wolves fighting inside of him. One fights to endure the pain and begin a new life. The other fights for anger, hate, and revenge.

Which one will win? The One You Feed.

Okay, okay, so that was my sales pitch. But it is something that I have to develop anyways. Later, I'll be creating a log line. What's a log line? A line is like a one to two sentence elevator pitch of the synopses of the film. An effective log line not only peak the interest of the person listening, but it should also hook them as well, and at the same time not take up too much of their day.

As many film makers know, there is almost nothing worse than someone telling you that they have a GREAT idea and then taking 20 minutes to tell you all about it. If it's a person that you respect than you probably don't mind waiting it out. But someone you just met at a meet and greet? No offense to that person, but it makes me want to exit the conversation stat.

It is also recommended that in addition to a log line you create several different pitches for your film at various lenghts. Like a two sentence, a two paragraph, and a full out two pages out line of the story. If a person is interested in the log line, than you are free to give them the more detailed version of the story.

The concept? To sale the story. And not just for money, but to your friends, your family, your peers. Sale it to anyone that will listen. Well, that is my goal I guess at this point.

So, I didn't fully detail the plot of the film. But I hope that you accept the trade for film school information about log lines.

Stay tuned as more updates are sure to come.